A Positive Attitude (by Pastor Paul Kabasele)

 "But grow in the grace and knowledge of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus-Christ" 2 Peter 3,18
Here follow 10 suggestions in order to develop and maintain a good self-esteem:
1.Hate your sin but do not hate yourself.
2.Repent as soon as you realise that you have done wrong.
3.Whenever God leads you in His light, walk in it.
4.Stop denigrating yourself. God loves you. Don't you love what He loves? He has a wonderful plan for you. Therefore, you are in conflict with Him everytime you denigrate your future.
5.Don't be scared to admit your mistakes. But don't always think that when things go wrong , you are to blame. 

 6.Do not endlessly remind yourself about your good or bad deeds, lest your thoughts be focused on yourself rather than on Jesus. Listen to these words: "You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You". Isaiah 26, 3
7.Your body is a gift from God. Therefore, look after yourself but do not be obsessed by your outward appearance.
8.Never stop learning but do not allow your education to become a subject of pride. God does not use you for what you have in your head, but rather for what you have in your heart!
9.Know that your skills are a gift from God and not something that you created or something that you got by your own strength. Thus, do not despise those who cannot do the things that you can do.
10.Do not despise your own weaknesses. They will cause you to completely depend on God.

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Pastor Paul M.B.Kabasele