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 "Give your cup of cool water ... "


"And whoever gives only a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will not lose his reward" (Matthew 10, 42, Mark 9, 41 )

Dear Brother / Dear Sister,

Our conviction is firm, our assurance unshakable that the mission which the Lord has untrusted us with is achievable and will, with His help, gloriously be accomplished.

However, you well know that fulfilling this divine vision (as for any other vision for that matter) will require substantial resources (human, material, spiritual and financial).

If, like us, you believe in the absolute necessity for this mission to be accomplished, and the implications thereof; and if, moreover, you believe that this Ministry is a good soil, a fertile ground on which you can throw your seed with the hope of an uncommon harvest in return, then to your faith, we challenge you to associate action!

We herebey extend an invitation to you to partner with us. 

The Oxford Advanced Learners' Dictionary of current English (2002) defines a Partner as "a person who has an agreement with you regarding a project"

And this is exactly what we are offering: an agreement with us in order to realise this divine project: To get people of all races to acknowledge the Authority of the Word of God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

A) Why become a Partner?

1) Because it is crucial for you to support with your time, your talent and your treasure the Lord's work. Your faith alone is not enough, you must add corresponding action to it. (James 2, 17)
2) Because you are called be a witness of Jesus. (Acts1, 8). And your support to this Ministry is an eloquent testimony of you belonging to Christ.
3) Because in supporting the vision of this Ministry, God will in return lead
others to support you in whatever vision that He will lay upon your heart to accomplish for Him. (Luke 6, 38)

More so, for every life we touch Heaven records to your account, your part in the effort!

B) What to give as a Partner?

-Your Time: by pledging to regularly pray for our Ministry and for the fulfilment of our God-given vision. (James 5, 16)
-Your Talent(s): by using it/them to bless our Ministry (1 Peter 4, 10)
-Your Treasure: by financially supporting our Ministry. (2 Cor 8, 1-10)

Whether they be material, spiritual or financial, please know that your contribution is valuable and priceless to us!

C) How to become a Partner?

2 scenarios apply:

a) You wish to remain anonymous:

-We respect your choice and assure you that "your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you" a hundred fold. (Matthew 6, 6).

b) You want to reveal your identity:

1) Then, be kind enough to fill out the form below, making sure to specify the nature of your contribution (Time and / or Talent and / or Treasure). 




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Tick appropriate box:

My Time

My Talent(s)

 My Money

NB All financial donations can be made to the following bank account: THE ROCK OF AGES CHRISTIAN ASSEMBLY TRUST: Sort Code: 202464, Account Number: 90391484, BARCLAYS BANK

Comments :

Please note that this form is not legally binding whatsoever. In addition, all information regarding you will be dealt with confidentially.

2) We will promptly get in touch with you and guide you through all the relevant procedures related to this partnership .
3) The partnership is sealed and ready to start! May God reward your generosity!

On that note, we wish you a ...

Good, Happy and productive Partnership with us!  


Let's work hand in hand...