Men's Ministry

 So we rebuilt the wall…for the people worked with all their heart  (Nehemiah 4, 6)


In this modern age, being a man can prove to be a tough challenge. It is not an exaggeration to say that funambulist-like skills are required from the 21st century man if he ever wants to keep up with our fast-changing world. On one hand, a man needs to face the demands of an increasingly stressful and competitive professional life. On the other hand, he has to honor demanding marital and parental duties.

From social issues of pandemic proportions (divorce, crime, decreasing moral standards…) to all the causes underlying them, man just faces numerous challenges today! However, provided they are determined men of Faith, we at The Rock of Ages Christian Assembly believe that by the grace of God, they can and indeed should find solutions to all these issues, and give answers to this world's many questions. (Rom 8, 19)

Small beginnings…


This Ministry started off with casual meetings that would take place on an irregular basis at different locations. The structure of these gatherings was then not clearly defined yet and their sole purpose was just the strengthening of our brotherly bonds.Though edifying in some respects, these meetings lacked a clear vision.

This carried on for some time until the vision was clearly defined, thus marking the birth of the Men’s Ministry also known as “The Sons of Nehemiah”.

Our Vision

Inspired by the exemplary role played by Nehemiah (the re-builder of the walls of Jerusalem), we aim to equip our men with the skills needed to play a “building” role at every level of their lives.(Nehemiah 3, 1-Nehemiah 6, 19)

a) Personal level: just like Daniel and Joseph who shone with excellence on foreign soil, we want to see our men truly blossom and bear fruit in the UK.

b) Family level: we want to turn our men into wise leaders who are able to manage their household. Let it be said that we cannot pretend to embrace church responsibilities whilst still unable to keep our own families together in harmony. (1 Tim 3, 3-5)

c) Church level: we want our men to become faithful servants of God in Church and then lead their families into worshipping the Lord. Is it not written: “As for me and my household, we will serve the lord”? (Joshua 24, 16)

d) Society level: we want our men to become men of impact and honor, men of distinction and excellence who commend respect and admiration wherever they go.

Our meetings are hold monthly in a very friendly atmosphere. A diverse range of topics are discussed during those: Discipline, Truth, The Duties and The Rights of men, Sacrifice for the Lord’s work, Finances, Love…all related to the building-up of the saints so they would excel in every good work” (Eph 4, 11-14).

Feel free to join us.

Minister : Papa Vincent Depol Kanku Cibwabwa. Tel : 07817750406 : E-mail :

 Deputy Minister: Papa Jean-Pierre Beya.

« In this 21st century, being a dad can prove to be a real challenge »

 “Provided they are determined and Faith-filled, men can and should find answers to all the troubles of our society”. 

“We want our men to become men of impact and honor, men of distinction and excellence who commend respect and admiration wherever they go.”

Papa Vincent Depol Cibwabwa

Papa Vincent Cibwabwa(Men's Minister)