Our Vision

Located in Tooting Broadway, a South London borough predominantly populated by a strong Muslim community, the Rock of Ages Christian Assembly/London is a dynamic and ambitious Church that aspires to be an oasis of Hope in a desolate world crammed with spiritually- dying souls.

 As we write these lines, The Rock of Ages Christian Assembly is composed of more or less 80 members. However, we understand that the more numerous we are the greater our impact within all the spheres of our society. Thus, we pray and believe God for both a spiritual and numeric growth of our Church.

 An extension of God’ mighty hand: this is our understanding of our God-given mandate. Through our deeds within the community, we want to mark people’s hearts with the life-giving stamp of Jesus Christ.

 The Rock of Ages Christian Assembly is also…:

 1. A vision

 « Getting people from all nations, languages and races to acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the Authority of the Word of God »

 In order to achieve this, we strive to:

 a) Train our members to become balanced Disciples in their approach to  Christian life -that is believers who, in their daily lives, can combine the “theory” of the Word of God with the powerful and life-giving practice of it.

 b) Train our members to reflect the Image of Christ -that is equip them to become true ambassadors worthy to proudly wave the banner of His Victory and spread the sweet-smelling scent of His Knowledge around them.

 c)Train our members to become the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the World, that is 1)Christians who are able to “season ”  the tasteless lives of the needy people around them and 2) Christians who are able to make a real impact within their communities, shining -not under a table- rather from the  top of the stand of a gloomy world.

 2. A Training Center

 A Training Center where talents are discovered,  chiseled, channeled and developed until our members excel in every good work.

 3. A Family

 A warm and welcoming Family, where God’s love indistinctly and harmoniously unite people of all ages and backgrounds. 

 4. A motto

1. Excellence: We take seriously these threatening words from the Prophet Jeremiah: « A curse on him who is lax in doing the Lord’s work! » (Jeremiah 48, 10)

 2. Difference: Just like Our Lord Jesus Himself, we want to make a real difference within our Community. In our eyes, this indeed is the very essence of the Christian life (Matthew 5, 13-14).

 3. Reference: We want our impact and influence to be so undeniable that the fruit we bear will make us a Church of good report, a Church that is the center of attention (for all the good and right reasons)…a church of Distinction !

 Vision- Family

ACRA is loving Family


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Tooting Broadway


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Tooting Broadway Tube Station






Our Vision - Meal

ACRA is welcoming Family