Season's Greetings(by Pastor Paul Kabasele)

To You,

My Beloved Brother/ Sister,

There are moments in life when we have to acknowledge the obvious.
If you read these words, it is obvious that you are alive...

When we do something, we are congratulated and encouraged by our relatives and friends.

However, should you be congratulated for being alive? What did you do to have the breath of life in  you?

There is nothing that you possibly can do in order to deserve LIFE -it is a  FREE present from God.

Therefore, I suggest that words of thanksgiving should stream out of your heart. I suggest that you should loosen your tongue and express your deep gratitude to God for the goodness and the favour He has bestowed upon you. I suggest you should just unleash  huge “Thank You's” to Him as He is ushering you into 2015.

Well done to you for having accomplished what you were supposed to achieve. However, when you were stuck God stepped in to help you out.
The Bible tells us that “The life of a man does not depend on him, even when he is in abundance.”

God granted you victory when there was no hope, He opened  doors for you that no one had the power to open, He lifted you up where you had fallen, and comforted you when there was nobody around to wipe away your tears. When everybody abandoned you, Jesus was your faithful friend, invisible –yet ever present.

He is ready to lead and guide you throughout the upcoming New Near. He loves you and has plans of happiness for you.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2015.
May you enjoy Success and Prosperity.

Pastor 2

Pastor Paul M.B. Kabasele