“They overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of THEIR TESTIMONY ” Rev 12:11


Every time God favours us, we should to testify for His glory.

Why testify?

A few reasons…:

a) In order to glorify God and express all our deepest gratitude to Him, the Author of these miraculous deeds! (Ps 50, 15)
b) In order to comfort those who might still be facing similar challenges in their lives and those who might be on the brink of discouragement. On these precious people, our testimony will surely have an encouraging effect. And they will also dare to believe God for the same mighty deeds in their lives.(Acts 10, 34)
 c) In order to ridicule the devil and his cohorts by reminding them that with God on our side, his most determined attempts to bring us down will always end up in failure. (Rom 8, 31/ Col 2, 15)
d) To get hold of the victory that God has given us on the Cross. (Apoc 12, 11)

Have you been blessed through this Ministry?
Then we would encourage you to get in touch with us so that the comforting words of your testimony will also grace this page, to the glory of our Lord

Selected excerpts


1. “Does He speak and then not act? Does He promise and not fulfill? ” Numbers 23, 19

After 4 years working in Finance in a London company, I started looking for a more senior position.  My aim was first to polish up my CV and also to sign a more lucrative contract. However, I was very cautious about it, especially in the current volatile economic conditions within the UK.
However, recently, while attending our Church retreat I received a clear word from God: "Do not worry, go ahead, because I'm with you" He told me. Strengthened by these words, I started sending out my CVs to various employers. A few weeks later, I was offered a job interview, which I attended. Going to the interview, my confidence was sky-high, as I believed God regarding His promise to me. Upon my return from the interview, I remember saying to my wife: "Honey, I think I got this job."
A week after the interview, I received a call from my now new employer confirming to me that I was chosen for the job! At the leaving party organized by my former colleagues, all of them were amazed to learn that in such a difficult economic situation, I still managed to get a job better than the previous one. As for me, I knew what happened!  When God promises something (like He did to me) nothing can stop Him fulfill that promise (not even the economy)! -Patrick Motindo, ACRA-5 December 2010

2. « …Test me in this…and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven… » (Mal 3, 10)

After a sermon by Pastor Paul on the subject of Offerings, the Holy Spirit convinced me to make a generous gift to the Church. However, another voice was buzzing into my ears not to give anything. On Pastor Patrick’s advice, I finally decided to obey the first voice -that is the Holy Spirit. After I took that step of faith, what happened was simply an opening of the floodgates of heaven in my life! And ever since, my family and I have never lacked anything in our lives. Yes, God is faithful to His word! –Maman Nicole Kapuya, ACRA –October 2009

3. « By His stripes, I am healed » (Es 53, 5)

I have been diagnosed with cancer, a few years back. In spite of this frightening news, I decided to have and keep a positive attitude. I remember my doctor asking me: “You will probably die if you do not undergo a surgical operation. Are you willing to go ahead and be operated upon?” I boldly answered: “Yes, because I know my God will be with me”. After all, is He not a healing God? After the surgery, I went through 6 months of chemotherapy. At this point, I would like to state that « God’s thoughts are not our thoughts » (Isaiah 55, 8) because I was afraid that this heavy and painful treatment would glue me to my hospital bed for months on end. However, by the grace of God I recovered pretty quickly (Only 2 months after the operation, I was able to run already!). And the icing on the cake was the news I got from my doctor on my latest visit. He told me “I have got good news for you: the first set of tests we did on you show that your cancer has almost disappeared! However, we will do a final blood test to confirm this first diagnosis. If there ever is a problem we will let you know”. As for me, though, I have already fully got hold of my total healing and strongly believe without a shadow of a doubt that there is not a single cancerous cell left in my body! God’s healing power is still at work…To Him be the glory! - Papa Gode BONGEY, ACRA –August 2009

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