The Pastors

1.     Pastor Paul Kabasele – Senior Pastor

Pastor Paul M.B. Kabasele, the visionary of this ambitious Ministry, is a qualified ophthalmologist.

In 1989 he gave his life to The Lord Jesus Christ. And ever since, the flame of the Gospel has never faded in his life. Passion, Determination and Zeal are the hallmarks of his service to the Kingdom.

In 1994 he founded The Rock of Ages Christian Assembly in Kinshasa (DR Congo). And 6 years later –in 2000- its London branch was born.

He teaches the Word of God with enthusiasm and simplicity. Beyond their obvious eloquence his sermons are relevant to our times, challenging and inspiring. Moreover, his oratory skills and his versatility make him an outstanding TV presenter and speaker (Medical/Christian programs).

Driven by Excellence he rebukes any kind of mediocrity in the Ministry and endeavors to accomplish his divine mission with distinction. Hence, he continually develops himself through fellowshipping with, and reading books by people who just like him believe that the Gospel is the power that saves whoever believes in it. (Rom 1, 16)

Coupled with a pleasant sense of humor, his high moral, intellectual and spiritual standards make him a character altogether trustworthy, estimable and accessible to all.

Since his conversion, he has become a soul-oriented person who genuinely carries the burden for lost souls.

With his wife Maman Nicole Kabasele he proudly fathers 6 lovely children: Randy, Lydia, Eunice, Myriam, Gad and Jonathan, all of whom eagerly serve God in the Rock of Ages Church.


On 24 April 2020,  It pleased to Our heavenly Father to take Papa Paul Kabasele back home. As a family, as a church and as a community our reaction to this unexpected news is three fold: a) We humbly bow down to The Lord's sovereignty, b) We are forever grateful to God who placed Dr Paul on the path of our destiny. What an incredibly gifted and influential person he was! c) We strongly believe that he is now enjoying a glorious rest from his good works in the presence of God. Surely, one day we shall meet again and be heaven bound...eternally. 


2.     Pastor Patrick Kabengele – Associate Pastor

Simplicity and humility are the most noticeable qualities for anyone who has ever been in touch with Pastor Patrick Kabengele. He devotedly plays his supporting role, helping Pastor Paul Kabasele with all his pastoral duties.

 In addition, He is a passionate singer and a musician who has been brilliantly conducting our Praise and Worship Team for a few years now, with some positive results to his credit.

He is married to Maman Brigitte Kabengele and together they have 2 adorable kids: Grace and Israel-Edmond.

To contact Pastor Patrick Kabengele : /07944190817










3. Elder Patrick MOTINDO

His ordination took place on the 23rd of January 2013 by Pastor Paul Kabasele.

He very well plays his role as a spiritual leader, a counselor, and a teacher within the ROACA Ministry.

Besides, he assists with French-English interpretation of our services, whether in church or outside.

He is married to Maman Yolande and together they parent 4 children: Magali, Nathan, Hervé and Joshua.

To contact Elder Patrick Motindo: 07538901576


4. Elder Freddy MATOKO

He was ordained on the 25th of January 2015 by Pastor Paul Kabasele.

Gifted in Intercession and Exhortation, he is in charge of these within our Ministry.

To contact Elder Freddy Matoko:07446790321


Pastor 2

Pastor Paul M.B. Kabasele

Pastor 1

Pastor Paul Kabasele and His wife Maman Nicole Kabasele






Assoc Pastor

Pastor Patrick Kabengele

Pastor 3

Maman Brigitte Kabengele