We will soon run the following courses:

1. New-comers

« Do not neglect hospitality, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it » Heb 13:2

Joining a new church can prove to be an unsettling experience( you know only very few people in the Church, you can’t connect with your new brethren, you are kind of lost in the crowd...) .
We count it a priority to help your joining us be a most convivial and smooth experience, and so are determined to help you quickly feel comfortable in your new spiritual family.

 What we will offer:

a) Faith-building course: if you are a newly converted Christian, then this course will help lay a strong and firm doctrinal foundation. Furthermore, it will help your faith grow, through some basic but vital teachings (Salvation, Baptism, Sin, The Church, Faith, Holy Spirit...)
b) Levelling course: if you are born again already upon joining our Church, then this course will help you get an overall view of the bulk of teachings taught prior to you joining us. Full of this knowledge, you will then be able to move in sync with the rest of us.

2. Singles

« Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything » Ephesians 5, 20

Being single in the 21st century is nothing short of challenge, even for Christians! In view of all the negative stereotypes often associated with celibacy, one has to acknowledge that it is nowadays more and more stressful to be a single!
This course will therefore help you:
a) to look at Singleness through the eyes of the Bible
b) to demystify the myth Singleness=Anomaly
c) Moreover, to celebrate your Singleness!

This course will hopefully make you realize that far from being a leprous condition to avoid by all means (as critics would have it), Singleness is just a transitional state during which:
a) You can actively and efficiently serve The Lord
b) You can make a wise use of all the opportunities exclusively related to single-life.
Finally, this course will help you wholly get ready (body, soul and spirit) to meet your soul mate.

What we will offer:

1) Fellowships where single men and single women can all mingle and interact.
2) Biblical advice in order to better understand the opposite sex.
3) Private and confidential counseling sessions.

3. Baptism

« Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved » Mark 16, 16

It is God’s will for us to go through baptismal waters after we are born again. This course will help you get the biblical knowledge you need about Baptism and hopefully strengthen your belief in the absolute importance thereof.

4. Fiancés/Couples

« So I counsel young people to marry, to have children, to manage their homes and to give the enemy no opportunity for slander » 1 Tim 5, 14.

We believe that God who conceived marriage wants to see us -His Children live a happy and prosperous marriage life. Our homes should be a permanent haven of Peace and Love, in stark contrast with the chaotic reality of divorce around us. Provided that we thoroughly follow the Bible's instructions related to marriage, we strongly believe that we can witness amidst our Church stable and balanced couples/families whereby divorce will completely be stripped off its devastating and vicious power.
Please note that both the Men’s Ministry and the Women's Ministry already work in that same spirit, namely laying the foundation for a strong and successful family.
However, this course will be more specific and substantial.
This course will be targeted at:
a) Fiances who are on the verge of getting married, in order for this transitional period (engagement-marriage) to be as smooth as possible.
b) Couples in order to straighten up and strengthen the foundation of their relationships.

What we will offer:

1) Practical workshops in order to make marital life and family life pleasant.
2) Counseling and Advice sessions by elder couples or the pastoral couple.
3) Annual Conference/Seminary for Singles/Couples










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