Weekly Meetings


1. Bible Study


"... They received the word with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures daily to see if what Paul said was true ..." Acts 17, 11.

Hungry and Thirsty for The Word ... this is what the
Brethren from Berea, Macedonia, were.

And as Christians, we must follow their commendable example!
Amongst many other things, being a Disciple of Jesus also implies a deep interest in the Master's instructions, which are exclusively recorded in His Word, The Holy Bible. Hence the absolute necessity for us to master its content.

Our Bible study meetings take place on ZOOM in a very friendly and informal environment. It's an opportunity for each attendee to grow spiritually through interacting freely with other believers and asking questions on any unclear issues.

These meetings are led by Pastor Patrick Kabengele. 

Why is it important to know the Word?

A few reasons:
1. In order to know God who is in His Word (John 1, 1)
2. In order to increase our faith (Rom 10, 17)
3. In order to be successful in all our ways (Psalm 1, 1-3 / Jos 1, 8)
4. In order to be equipped to repel the attacks of the Enemy (Eph 5, 17/Matt 4, 1-11)
5. In order to explain and defend our faith, if necessary (1 Peter 3: 15)

Examples of subjects taught in our Bible studies

2. THE HOLY SPIRIT: Who is He? What are His roles? The Gifts of the
Holy-Spirit/The Baptism of the Holy Spirit...
3. MINISTRIES: Prophecy, Teacher, Evangelist, Apostle, Pastor.
4. SALVATION: What is it? How do you get saved? Can one lose their salvation? 5. THE CHURCH


All welcome!


Day: Tuesday Time: 19h-21h, Venue: Tooting Methodist Church, 39 Longmead Road, Tooting Broadway London SW17 8PN 

2. Prayer Meeting

"Pray without ceasing" Rom 12: 2

Prayer is the most effective weapon we have to "fight the good fight of faith" (1 Tim 6, 12).

Our prayer meetings help us understand the importance of Prayer in our daily lives, and gradually build an all-important  intimacy with our Father.

Whom/What do we pray for ?  

a) for our Church (spiritual and numerical growth,...) 
b) for the Men of God, Pastor Patrick Kabengele and our 2 elders, Patrick Motindo and Freddy Matoko
c) for the fulfilment of our Ministry's God-given vision.
d) for the Church - the Body of Christ.
e) for the salvation of lost souls.
f) for any other subject inspired to us by the Holy Spirit


Tuesday, Time: 19h-21h; on our Youtube channel '' La Source du Rocher ''

All welcome!


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Prayer Meeting ENG

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