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« Write down the vision… »


« Write down the vision, and make it plain on tablets so that whoever reads it may also run with it ». (Habakkuk 2, 2)

Living in an age where information has reached its peak (or so it seems), we think it would be wise to make the best possible use of this means of communication.

Though the spoken word (i.e word of mouth) must be esteemed for its simplicity, one needs to acknowledge its limitations and imperfections.

In the Rock of Ages Christian Assembly, we believe that the written word can take over right where the spoken word efficiency dwindles and fades away. It's a fact that spoken words tend to gradually wane in our memories whereas if written, these same words can endure much longer in our system.

While the teachings taught from the pulpit at our weekly meetings can unfortunately sink deep in the sea of our forgetfulness, they can hopefully leave a lasting mark in our memories, should they be written down in a magazine.

With this in mind, the Rock of Ages Christian Assembly strongly believes that editing/publishing a magazine would help the Church vision be engraved on its pages , so that it would be continually read, digested and understood…until it literally dwells constantly in the hearts of all the members of our Ministry.

Different subjects will be dealt with in our magazine "The Spring from the Rock", mostly related to the Church vision. Also, the magazine will include a wide spectrum of other topics: Church life in general, Word news, Society, Miscellaneous…
Therefore, whatever your interests you should find your share in this magazine.

To start with, our Magazine will be published twice a year. God willing, we will make it a quarterly and eventually a monthly publication.

Please note that beyond its pedagogical character, The Spring from the Rock is first and foremost an instrument of evangelization…

The vision

-To spread the Church vision, making it understandable and accessible to all.

In order to achieve this, the Editorial team will endeavor to meticulously select the articles to appear in the magazine depending on their relevance to the Church vision.

Our Goals

1) To present to our members various teachings taught at our Church meetings. 
2) As an instrument of evangelization, The Spring from the Rock will hopefully cause our Ministry to become more and more known within the Christian as well as the secular arena (through its public distribution)
3) To improve our children and youths' writing skills, getting them involved in Church life in the process.
It has to be said that our youngsters sometimes so easily are put off by the formal and solemn aspect of the Church life, to the point of losing any interest in the things of God. This magazine could be (at least for some of them) a refreshing dew sprinkled down from Heaven that would also help them get involved in the things of God.
4)To give to those who are already skilled writers the opportunity to further exercise and master their God-given gifts, for the good and profit of the whole body of Christ (1Peter 4:10; 1 Cor 12:7)
5) To teach through entertainment.

So make haste, all you scribes and writers in the making…

As we all await the first issue of The Spring from the Rock, we urge you to put pen to paper,  get your articles ready so that through your written words all those who are broken-hearted would be blessed and lifted up (Isaiah 50, 4) .

To you all future readers of The Spring from the Rock,
We thank you in advance for your support to the small beginnings of our magazine. Your remarks, your suggestions and indeed your prayers are very much valued and appreciated. At the appointed time, we strongly believe that the small rivers of The Spring from the Rock will gather and turn into a mighty ocean that will inundate and refresh our thirsty souls!

Enjoy the reading!


Our Editorial Team:

-Br Charles-Isaac Kanku Kalala Muambi
-Br Patrick Motindo
-Br Olivier Misano
-Sr Ange Franka
-Br Hervé Nkansa Kindundu Ndongala

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The Spring form the Rock




Br Charles-Isaac Kanku Kalala Muambi (Editorial Team)




Herve Nkansa

Br Hervé Nkansa Kindundu Ndongala (Editorial Team)